About us


We are a community of talented women who have been homeless at one point in our lives and managed to get out of it through targeted education. We then have decided to share our professional skills and talent to help others going through the same journey in order to tackle homelessness in our communities.

We believe that the stepping stone between homelessness and success is education and that being homeless is not the end but an opportunity to learn and achieve financial freedom.

FHB ( from homelessness to businesses) is a powerful and empowering network of women who support homeless women having been through the same journey themselves.

the network has a huge diversity of successful businesswomen and career-oriented women who are eager to share their knowledge and journey.

Our members support and encourage each other through collaboration, training and the sharing of business contacts and opportunities.

Our strength is through the diversity and support that we can provide to multiple types of businesses and career.

we believe that anybody can change his situation with the right mindset and education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help women facing homelessness to broaden their horizons by learning new skills and reach financial freedom.

Our Goal

Our goal is to tackle homelessness with education and to observe less homeless women in our local communities.

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FHB is a powerful and empowering network of women who can support you on this new journey Through our events, training workshops and many more.


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FHB was created in February 2019 by  Diana Dago.

At the time of its creation, she was living in a homeless accommodation provided by her local council and have been homeless for about 2 years. before the council gave her the temporary accommodation she was living from one friend to another with her 2 kids. While living there with no help from the government because her passport was at the immigration she made a point to educate herself and decided never to be in that situation again and also to help other women going thru the same situation. She managed to create a white label business, a web design agency and became a business consultant advising startups. She was also giving free training to her local Christian community about how to make multiple streams of income, how to set up and run businesses. This is how she managed to gather a little group of skilled women and business owner to create the network.